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2021 Master Industry Table for ICD-10 Codes

Dear Medprax Clients

The 2021 Master Industry Table for ICD 10 Codes has been published to accommodate more ICD 10 Codes for Covid 19 and any other future diseases of uncertain etiology.

Here is the shortlist of new valid clinical and primary ICD 10 codes added for 2021:

U08.9 Personal history of COVID-19, unspecified

U09.9 Post COVID-19 condition, unspecified

U10.9 Multisystem inflammatory syndrome associated with COVID-19, unspecified

U11.9 Need for immunization against COVID-19, unspecified

U12.9 COVID-19 vaccines causing adverse effects in therapeutic use, unspecified

List of Codes Modified since 2014

U07.1 COVID-19, virus identified

U07.2 COVID-19, virus not identified

U04.9 Severe acute respiratory syndrome [SARS], unspecified

G73.1 Lambert-Eaton syndrome (C00-D48†)

Thank you

DR Niel Oets

CEO - Medprax


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