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Tariff Rates and Codes

This Database is the result of more than 10 years hands on experience and applying this expertise to create a Master Tariff Rate database catering for the unique requirements of South African Medical, Dental and Allied professionals.  Scheme Payment Arrangements rates and  business rules are included to calculate accurate Tariff rates according to the individual practice profile.

This unique solution will offer any Practice Management Software a competitive edge addressing the tariff rate problems experienced year on year by healthcare professionals and Medical aids
Tariff Rates for 64 Disciplines
  • Fixed Published scheme rates
  • RCF rates
  • RCF units and values
  • NHRPL calculated rates

Medical Scheme Rate Tariffs (Base Rate as published by Medical Schemes)

Medical Scheme Contracted Rates for Specialists

GP Network contracted rates i.e. Keycare and Primary Healthcare tariff’s.
  • Includes IPA and Non-IPA rates included
  • Dispensing and non-dispensing rates
  • Contracted and non-contracted rates

Special codes and rates
  • COID
  • ICON
  • Discovery Vitality codes and rates
  • Day Clinic Endoscopy rates

Scheme Payment Arrangement Business Rules implemented across medical aids


RCF Unit Types Applied  
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