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Developed by Doctors for Doctors  

We have been supplying the healthcare industry with comprehensive surgical and pharmaceutical product and price data since 1988. Our aim is to save you time and money and to make your daily task easier. We do this by offering you the following:

100% Data integrity

Our data is always accurate, valid and consistent. This ensures that claims won’t get rejected because of using incorrect Nappi codes and you won’t get short paid because of incorrect pricing.


Quality Assurance

We do a quality assurance check on our medicine data and medical aid data by comparing it to other major role players in the industry such as Medikredit, Mediscor and Medscheme.


Weekly Updates

We send weekly updates to all our clients to ensure that data remains current.


Monthly Memo

Our monthly memo gives advice on medical aid changes, price changes and medical aid information.


Fully Automated Updates

Our electronic data files can be imported into your practice management software instead of having your staff try to maintain this information manually.


Personal Service

We offer prompt and efficient service. You will not have to go through call centres and you will be speaking to the same person every time. We believe in going the extra mile for all our clients.



We offer online and telephonic support with updating our data into your PMA. There is no additional cost for the support we give.


No Strings Attached

You can give us a try and if you are not entirely happy you can simply cancel the service at the end of the month.

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