Medprax is the industry standard data platform used to connect all clients, PMA’s, EDI and medical aids ensuring data integrity across the board as claims move from one platform to another. The Medprax data interface for Medicine, Material, Medical Aid, Tariffs and ICD 10 codes data has been adopted by all major role players in the Healthcare industry. The Medprax data is used extensively in EDI software, PMA software, RIS software, EMR software, scripting software, hospital and pharmacy software and in house corporate software packages.


Medprax has proved to be one of the most accurate and sought after data packages in South Africa and forms an essential component in claim submissions ensuring data integrity, accuracy, validity and success with claims. We connect the client, PMA, EDI and medical aid on an industry standard platform.


If you are developing software and wish to know more about Medprax please complete the Questionnaire and send it to us.

Application for utilisation of Medprax file layouts and data

We require the following information to determine your data requirements and review your request to develop an Interface for the Medprax data'

Did you know our Medprax data consists of up to date:  Generic and Therapeutic Equivalents


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