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Consumables Product and Price File

This is a comprehensive consumable product and Nappi price file. Submit the correct product description using the correct price.

It often happens that practices submit claims using incorrect product descriptions or volumes and charging less for products than they should. Sometimes they use the wholesale price as reference, add the mark-up and end up with an incorrect price which could be rejected, short-paid or paid over to the patient by medical aid. Medprax ensures that you use the correct cost and add the correct mark-up to save you time and the administrative burden of having to figure out why your books don’t balance at the end of the month.

(Submit valid Nappi codes, use the correct cost when submitting claims and apply the correct medical aid-specific mark-ups using the Medprax calculation table linked to the medical aid data.)

This takes the hassle out of trying to keep your Nappi codes and consumable prices up to date by capturing it from a wholesaler’s invoice. Often wholesalers sell products at a price higher than cost. This creates a scenario where you lose out on profit because you submitted the wholesale price instead of the original cost.

Always submit claims using the correct cost and applying the correct mark-up to avoid the need for accounting adjustments at the end of the month.

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