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Medical Schemes Data

This data package populates your software with a complete database of valid medical aids, options, plans and administrators, as well as the associated medical aid codes required for switching to the correct destination. It keeps you up to date with the latest changes due to medical aids being discontinued, amalgamating with others or changing administrators.

The medical aid data also supplies up to date contact details for all medical aids, administrators and managed care companies, making it easy to find a number when you need to phone for authorisation.

This data includes rules and remarks to inform you when, for instance, a certain medical aid will only cover 80% of a consultation fee and a 20% co-payment is mandatory.

Your practice management system requires the correct scheme name and scheme codes at all times to ensure data integrity when electronic invoices are sent via the switch to the medical aid. Medprax will not just keep your medical aid codes up to date, but also your EDI or switching codes. You will no longer have to do laborious manual updates.

The essential medical aid codes are kept up to date at all times to ensure that your claims reach the correct destination the first time.

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