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Pharmaceutical Product and Price File

This data file ensures that you are using up to date valid Nappi codes, submitting correct SEP prices and applying the correct mark up, as specified by each medical aid. Identify when a reference price list applies to a specific medical aid such as MMAP, MRP and MPL.

Medprax data is compared to all other industry price files weekly, ensuring that the drug price you submit to medical aid is valid and won’t be short-paid. This decreases rejection of claims and also saves you the time and hassle of doing accounting adjustments because you were short-paid by a few cents or rand at the end of the month.

Additional dispensing rules and remarks will notify you when a medical aid only covers 80% of the consultation fee, when a dispensing levy applies, or when the patient will only be reimbursed if seeing a designated service provider. You will also be notified when a product is excluded for payment by medical aid.

This complete drug and consumables database can be used to compare prices of drugs to ensure you stock your practice with cost effective products.

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