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Schedule 2, Schedule 3 and Schedule 4 Substance may now be scripted for 12 months

Please take note that on 24 April 2020 Dr Zwelini Mkhize the Minister of Health published the following exception giving permission for Schedule 2, Schedule 3 and Schedule 4 drugs to be scripted for a period of 12 months from date of issue.

  • This is an exception that will be valid for the next 18 months.

  • In the following 6 months’ doctors can script 12 month repeat scripts. There after only for the remainder of the 18-month period.

  • This prescription has to be issued by an authorised prescriber

  • If the person dispensing the medication is satisfied that an authorised prescriber initiated the therapy in the preceding 6 months before this notice, was published then this dispensing person may renew this prescription automatically for the following 6 months.

From chat groups between doctors it is evident that it is up to the prescribing doctor to decide if they have to follow up with the patient within 6 months or if they are happy to script for 12 months.

Stay Safe

From the Medprax Team

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