COVID-19 Telehealth Tariff Code Update

April 21, 2020

In light of the current COVID crisis, Discovery is extending the ability for Allied, Therapeutic and Psychology (AT&P) practitioners to bill for telemedicine and virtual consults.

These are the Disciplines they have published codes and rates for:


Practice Type             Practice Type Description

004                              Chiropractor

008                              Homeopath

072                              Physiotherapist - Non JSP

072                              Physiotherapist - JSP Network

080                              Nursing Agency / Home Care

088                              Registered Nurse

091                              Bio kinetics

101                              Naturopath


The intention is to fund these consult at 75% of the standard rates when billed with POS 02


Place of Service Code: 02 

Place of Service Name: Telehealth                       

Place of Service Description: The location of where Health services and Health related services are provided or received (virtually) through a telecommunication system


Should you require us to provide you with the published Telehealth rate, please feel free to email us and we will be happy to assist where we can. Please just provide us with your Practice Number and Discipline Type.


Discovery has also revised the rates for the following codes for GPs and Specialist- These are also now discipline specific and rates may vary depending on the Contract you may have with them.


Medical Scheme Name                                      Tariff Code

Discovery Virtual consult                                        VCONS

Discovery text message consult                              VCONM

Discovery Telephone Consult                                  0130


We are happy to assist you with the rate for the above codes where possible, please send us an email and include your Practice Number, your discipline type and which contract you have with Discovery.

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