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Medprax E-script Generator

With the Medprax E-Script Generator one can quickly and easily generate an electronic script, print it, sign it and save as a repeat script to retrieve and print on demand. The E-Script Generator is a stand alone application that uses Medprax data. 

Features of this product:

  • Print your own electronic script quickly and easily using the medprax drug database

  • Save and edit chronic repeat scripts and reprint on follow up visits

  • Write cost effective scripts by viewing and comparing products on active ingredient, generic equivalents and price. This also includes drug classification

  • Add ICD 10 codes from a database designed specifically for scripting

  • Most products you script will have default script instructions added

  • UP to six doctors can access the same the same patient and drug database​



  • Search Engine to find generic and therapeutic equivalents

  • Search and compare products on active ingredients or ATC class

  • Compare prices of products

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