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Medical Record Analysis

Obtain medical

drug data effortlessly

Medprax provides you with current Pharmaceutical and Consumables product and NAPPI price data.

Did you know our Medprax data consists of up to date:  

Our Clients Are


  • Doctors, Pharmacists, Practice managers

  • Drug utilisation analysts

  • Administrators, medical schemes and managed care companies

  • Occupational health clinics, IOD claims administrators, IOD claim solution companies

  • Software, electronic data interchange and clinical record companies

  • Hospital groups, Day Hospitals and Sub-Acute facilities

  • Corporate pharmacy groups and Wholesale Chemists

  • Pharmaceutical companies

  • Managed Healthcare Provider Networks

  • Drug utilisation studies

  • Robotic Prescription Dispensing Systems

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Spend less of your valuable time finding the right scheme codes, and speed up payment by getting Medical Scheme submissions right the first time.

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Dispense medicine efficiently and supply clients with the most cost effective options. Easily compare generic and therapeutic equivalents.

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Practice Manager

Easily integrate Medprax into your Practice Management System, and take the hassle out of staying up to date.

Corporate manageress

Corporate Analyst

Draw actionable insights from an industry-leading, trusted source of local medical industry data.

Get your live blood results

Medprax interfaces with your Practice Management System


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